Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Tuesday

This is the creative thing i did today. Don't tell my sisters that I did something with plants... they might not believe you.

Please look beyond the peeling paint on the table. I did a quick spray paint on it earlier this spring and didn't sand off the finish first. I know that is a no no but I did it anyway.. I'll get it painted again someday.

Last week I ordered some hen and chicks to plant. They arrived and this is how I planted them. I hope they survive. They didn't look very alive when they arrived and I hope the moss and little bit of soil I used will be enough for them to survive. I read that they thrive on neglect... that I can do.

With two sisters that are Master Gardeners, neglect is what I do best when it comes to plants. Don't get me wrong, I attempt to have some flowers on my patio each year but they never really look as good as all others I see out there.

This is not a traditional planter but when I saw it I knew that I wanted to plant the hens and chicks in it. I just hope they like it in there and survive. They don't look like much but I have high hopes for them and can just about picture them full grown and full of chicks.

I've been thinking of a new way to organize my jewelery and have been thinking of a few ways but so far nothing has felt right. Can you believe my luck yesterday. I found this beauty sitting on the side of the road just waiting to be picked up. Happy birthday to me.... I think it actually took my breath away when I saw it. Not that junk, I mean, treasure is suppose to do that. I knew immediately that this is what I needed to make a jewelery holder. I'll work out the details later but this is it, I'm sure of it.

OK, so yesterday was not really by birthday but today is so I thought I would share a bit about me, things I love, like, don't like or just random confessions. I won't tell you my age but I'll give you a hint in the list below.

I'm not married.
I have a 13 year old daughter.
I am the youngest of 13.
I have 1 brother.
So that leaves me having 11 sisters.

I've been unemployed for 2 1/2 months now.
I wish I didn't have to look for a job.
I really am enjoying not working.
I'm not liking having to look for a new job.
I always thought I would go crazy not working but it is not so bad.

I was born in June.
I was not named June because I was born in June - or at least that is my Dad's story.
I've grown to not mind being referred to as the 'baby' of the family
I've grown to like/not mind being called June Bug - I used to really hate that.
If I'm as old as I am, my older sisters are really old.... ;) love you sis

I like chocolate, OK this should be I love chocolate.
My favorite chocolate would have to be Hershey Bliss Chocolate with raspberry.
I don't like regular coffee but can drink it if there is enough sugar and cream.
I like cappuccino.
I like Mc Donald's iced coffee, especially caramel.

I love my Mr Coffee Frappe Maker - if you don't have one of these and like blended coffee drinks you gotta get one. (Best $40 I spent in the kitchen and would gladly spend the regular price of $79 now that I have used it.)
I love my Big Shot.
I sometimes wish I had a Cricket. This want is growing every day, mostly for all the cool vinyl home decor pieces I am seeing.
I wish I had full room for crafts, not a shared space in the living room.
I wish I had a garage for painting when it rains.

I wish I was more organized, especially in my craft area.
I wish I enjoyed cleaning.
I wish I didn't have to clean.
I sometimes wish I was a morning person.
I wish I was able to spend more time with family and friends.

I don't always make my bed in the morning.
I don't always clean up the stove after I spill on it until the next day or sometimes more than a day later.... I don't suppose I should share this.
I sometimes eat ice cream for breakfast.
I've always lived in Minnesota. (With the exception of 5 months in Norway on an exchange trip.)
I once turned down a job that would have had me living in the Chicago suburbs.

I love spending more time crafting.
I fear my hoarding tendencies.
I'm a night person.
I really like checking out other peoples blogs. (I can't believe how many extremely talented crafters there are out there.)
I wish I was as creative as some people think I am.

I hope you learned a few things about me and will still think I'm not so bad of a person after all.

Happy crafting :)

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