Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crafting with my sisters

Every so often I get together with my crafty sisters and we make a craft. After seeing a couple beaded chandeliers made with hanging plant baskets I had to give it a try. It didn't take too much convincing to have my sisters all decide that they wanted to make one. So a sister craft day to make chandeliers was born.

I went searching and found baskets at dollar stores and ordered four gross of mardi gras beads from Oriental Trading. (Note to self when the reviews say the beads are small, they are really small.) The beads were much smaller that I had pictured. Oh well, I still think they turned out great looking. I don't know where else I could get a chandelier for under $10. This was my first attempt.

Since I live in an apartment and never know what the weather will be like my sister Joanie graciously offered to have the event at her house. I'm so thankful for her and her wonderful husband. He rigged up a wreath making spot for us in his shed. It worked out great, we were able to hang up the baskets to work on them at just the right height.

My sister Joanie making her wreath with the beads from a door hanger that she bought a couple years ago. It never worked out for her original intention but it looks like it was meant for this one! I know a few of my sisters said they would be looking for similar door hangers at garage sales and thrift stores. I think I might be looking for one too, although I don't know where I would hang another chandelier. I'll worry about that after I find a beaded door hanger and actually make a new chandelier.....

My lovely daughter Kira working on a basket. She does not often make projects with me so I'm happy that she worked on this one.

My sister Jennifer had the wonderful idea of using all one color of beads instead of spray painting them..... I can't believe I didn't think of that first. We spray painted the basket first, beaded and then did some touch up spraying after it was completed.

Joanie helping out our niece Tory with the beading on the top of her chandelier.

Sister Sue making a green one to start, she was not sure what color she wanted it to be so worked with the green beads.

My sister Gail from Wisconsin taking a break from standing to do a bit of her beading on a rocking horse. Ok, it didn't last long and was really a joke that I gave her the horse to sit on when she asked if there was a chair in the garage.

I had picked up the wooden rocking horse for 50 cents that morning at a garage sale in out apartment complex. I knew I had to pick up this beauty for its potential to give to my sister Joanie. She is looking for unique items to use as planters to sell her plants in next spring. I know she was thinking metal items, baskets, tool boxes, wagons and that sort of thing but for the price I just had to get it for her.

I don't know what she really thought when she first saw it, I know her husband didn't even want to ask about it! I hope it works out for her and can't wait to see it if she uses is. I think it would look good painted, I picture it black and distressed. Maybe she can attach a basket or pot to the seat or cut a hole in it for a pot to sink in. I see the potential but if it ends up on the burning pile I'll understand.

I didn't finish one myself but I started a 3 tier one. I just could not decide if I wanted to string up beads on it or wait for something else. I remember seeing some strings of beads at Tuesday morning the last couple times I was in there so I think I'll head there someday this week and check out the colors and see if I think I'll like them added to this chandelier.

Did I mention that my daughter doesn't craft much??? Well that is her under the blanket. She had stayed up way too late the night before with her cousin and decided she wanted to go inside to lay down and maybe nap. I think we woke her up when we came in but she didn't want her picture taken. I have many pictures like this..... for some reason the camera and her are not always friendly.

My daughter was not the only one napping inside, this is my Mom. She was getting too cold outside watching us so she took a nap in the afternoon although she would not say she was napping if you ask her. :)

Note to my sister Jennifer..... better late than never! I know you expected a post yesterday by the time you got home but I was just not motivated yesterday!

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