Monday, June 21, 2010

Annual Family Camping trip

I spent the weekend camping with family and friends. For the last couple years we have went camping with this group. We spent the weekend at Canary Beach Resort in Villard, Minnesota.

It is always a great time and this past weekend was great. It was nice to get away and relax.

Luckily I have a brother in law who claims to be blessed with the ability to predict near perfect weekends months in advance. We may doubt him sometimes but generally speaking the weather is good for our weekend.

It was a bit cool Saturday morning but by the afternoon the sun was up and the weather did turn quite warm.

Meals are shared by all. It works out nice as there is always lots of food and enough people to prepare and clean up.

Our meal was Saturday breakfast. We usually make omelets. Everyone gets to pick out their ingredients. We usually have lots of meats and veggies to pick from.

We tent for the weekend, most of the others have campers so if it ever would happen to rain we would not have to suffer and get too wet!

Our weekend is usually spent relaxing around the campfire, visiting and fishing for some.

This group has been camping on and off together for years, here are some of the fourth generation campers in the making......

I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable as mine.

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