Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Halloween decor

I thought I would share a few more pictures of my fall and Halloween decor.
A purple glittery trick or treat sign.  It was from a kit that came with the purple pieces, spiders and ribbon.  I added layers of black cardstock, orange circle print and black text patterned papers.
Here is the backside of the letters.  It might not say anything on the back side but still has the orange and black Halloween colors. 
I made the wood witch and ghost sign years ago… well painted and assembled might be a better term.  The pieces were all cut out and came in a kit.  
The half bushel basket is the one I picked up this summer from a ‘free’ garage sale.  I filled it up with some garland, yarn balls and other items from the ‘free’ sale.
Oh, I almost forgot about the paper mache bones that I made and threw in there.   Not bad for a display with all items I had on hand.
I hung it up just above head level going into the dining area.

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