Thursday, October 28, 2010

$3 Thursday – Halloween treat cover ups

I don’t usually get a lot of trick or treaters in my neighborhood so for the past few years I’ve went to my mothers house and helped her hand out candy.
She usually gets around 50 kids.
This year I bought this stamp set and wanted to use it for Halloween treats.
Bone Appetie
I decided to do a cover up for my treats with the Beware stamp.  This stamp was the perfect size to stamp on some mailing labels.  I wanted to use mailing labels so i didn’t have to cut out such a small piece of paper and the labels made assembly a cinch. 
Here is what I started with candy bars, ink, stamp and labels.
I stamped a sheet of labels.  
I thought the labels needed a little something so I got out some Walnut Ink and sprayed away.
I thought it needed a bit of shine so out came some Shimmer spray in Sparkle.
I still wasn’t completely sold on the labels so out came some Glimmer Mist in Black Cherry to give it an almost blood splattered look.
That was more like what I wanted.
Next, let the labels dry.  I started using a heat gun to dry it faster but it caused the labels to start to curl and I didn’t want to continue in case it effected the adhesive on the back of the labels.
While the labels dried I cut some black text cardstock to fit around the candy bars I had.  I cut them to just overlap.  For the fun size Crunch it was 2 3/4” x 3”.
I overlapped the cardstock on the front of the candy bar and attached the label to hold the cardstock together.
I put the covered up candy in a small enamelware kettle.
I wasn’t sure I liked that…. I little too obvious.  What do you think?
I decided to just scatter them in the basket.
Much better.   Maybe, just, maybe they will last until Halloween. 
A whole bag of Baby Ruth that I bought are already gone.
If nothing else, maybe the label will keep them from being eaten before we can hand them out.
I think these would be great on just about any candy you hand out, you would just need to size the paper for the candy you have.
I had everything on hand but I the cost would fall under $3 for a small bag of candy. 
Bag of Crunch     $2.50
Cardstock            $0.25
Label sheet          $0.20
Asst sprays          craft supply
Total cost:   $2.95 with candy.  
Maybe you can make your treats a bit spookier this year.
If you are interested in the stamp set I used for your treats next year please let me know and I can order it and send it to you.   Stamp set is $19.95 + tax & s/h.
Happy Halloween,

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