Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I’m heading over to my Mom’s house in a little bit to hand out candy at her house. 
I don’t want to leave out any kids that might stop by my apartment so this year I decided to leave some treats out by my front door in case some of the kids from the apartment stop over when I’m gone.
Hopefully a few will stop by and get a treat.
I’m going to leave them in this standing pumpkin piece I have.
I love the vintage look of this piece.

I filled it up with some fruit snacks and some crunch bars that I put some Beware… labels around them.

Let’s just hope the trick is not on me and that my pumpkins are still here when I get home tonight.
Happy Halloween,

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  1. oh I love craft blogs!! yay!!!! I really love your blog,, nice layout too hehe...

    (unfortunately I cannot follow anyone,, Ive been trying but the links won't work, maybe it's my internet browser.. I will try again to follow you though I love your blog!!)

    Littlebear from swapbot blog swap xx


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