Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wisconsin treasures

I’m back home in Minnesota. I left my daughter at my sisters in Wisconsin so I hope she is having a good time. I’m sure she is enjoying time with her cousins without me there.

I know a few of you are wondering about all of our garage sale finds that I gave you a sneak peak of. Here they are.  

Our first pick of the day was this big pegboard.    See my lovely sister Gail standing by it so you can get a better idea of the size. 

Oh, did I mention that it was free??   And to think this we drove right by this piece and only noticed it was free when we were getting gasoline at the station across the street.   We were able to take it apart and put most of the pieces to work in another form.   It was mostly wood so not much will be wasted. 
Luckily we were close to here house and were able to drop this off and continue on our shopping trip.

Another large item Gail got was this bakers rack for $15.
Luckily it came apart into two pieces easily.
One funny thing we found was these Sleep Number sheep. 
When my sister and niece were in MN visiting earlier this summer I took my niece garage sale shopping and she found a giant Sleep Number sheep at a garage sale. She didn't buy it and kept talking about it. When we were going out she said if we found a sheep to buy it. What are the chances that we would find Sleep Number Sheep?? I've never seen them before. Three sheep for $1 each but the look on Tory's face when she got three sheep, priceless. And to think I had to just about twist Gail's arm as she only wanted to buy one of them!

I got these three canisters for $.25 each.   I think I'm going to paint the wood tops black.
I picked up a wool sweater for $.25 I think, a spool for $.50, a Stampin Up Stamp set for $6 and Gail got a glass bowl. 
Funny thing about the stamp set.   I happen to have the same set at home that I borrowed from another sister because I liked it.   I thought of ordering it but wanted to wait until the new catalog when I thought it would be available unmounted so it would be cheaper than the regular price of $23.95.   For $6 I was very happy to buy it, wood and all.   

We spotted this headboard on the side of the road for free.   I knew we had to pick it up as I have seen lots of headboard benches.  
Here is an after of the headboard bench we made.
Gail got a couple plant hangers for $1.    They are just a bit too large for her front porch but I'm sure she will get them to work.
We spied this chair along the side of road and while we were putting it in the car the owners came home.   I think they were glad to see it go.  The seat was in one piece when we picked it up but we were able to put it back together.    I forgot to get a good picture of this after it was fixed and painted a bright pink.

Another free find.   We thought it was lockers at first when we spied it alongside the road.   It was sort of disappointing when we saw it was wood with a plexi type material on the side.  It had good bones so we took it.  Gail didn't think it could make it in the car but I proved her wrong!   It just took some creative packing.  
Luckily this came apart into two pieces.  We liked the yellow color so it stayed yellow after it was cleaned up and shelves cut from the free peg board stand.
Gail picked up a nice denim jacket and I got some ball chains for a song. 
Most of the stuff in this picture was free.   All of the pots and the frame were free.  I'll give the pots to my sister for here plant sale in the spring.  The berry baskets for $.25 for all of them.  The record looking things are frames that came with a stand for $.50 and the tool boxes were $1 each.   
A free cosmetic case and a mirror frame. 
A $.50 tea pot.  I think this one might go to another sister to plant in next spring.
Here is an after of a dollar stool.   Blue bottom and a pink top.
Another after of another stool.  The top was in a couple pieces and didn't fit back on correctly but we got it to stay.   It was be a pot holder in the garden somewhere. 
I did a dry brush finish so the texture of the original finish showed through.

Just so you know, it was not all good.  
We, I mean I, had a major oops moment.     Gail saw this when she got home from work. 
Only a few minutes before it was like this.
Yeah, bubbles on a bench are bad new!    I learned a lesson.   Next time let Gail paint her own treasures. Don't let a painted surface dry in direct hot sun.

I think I spent about $13 total and my sister about $30 with the $15 bakers rack. 
The bakers rack got a coat of a bronze paint and will get a mosaic top.   I had to leave some work for Gail to do on her own.... :)  

I had a great time in WI for a week and might try to go garage sale shopping again when I pick up my daughter next week.


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