Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday finds

After a wonderful day of garage sale shopping in Wisconsin last weekend with my sister I decided to go to a few garage sales yesterday to see if I could continue the good fortune.  

Sadly my first couple sales were a bust.  It was hot and humid and the only thing I found was one sweatshirt for my daughter for $1.   I took it and decided I had enough shopping, I was just not feeling it was my day so I decided to head home to the air conditioning.

Oh, there was a sign for a sale that was close to my old daycare family so I decided to stop at that first.   I got these two beauties for $.50 - yep, 50 cents for both!
They are heavy, chunky beauties.

Just check out the details.  They said they were from around a ceiling light fixture. 

They really don't have a way to easily hang them so I might just have to prop them somewhere once I clean them up.   I'm thinking Navajo white and some glazing to bring out the details.
At this sale the guy told me of another sale in the next alley that I didn't see a sign for.   I went there and picked up two more sweatshirts for my daughter for $2 each.    I was pretty sure that she would like them and I know she likes sweatshirts so hopefully they are a good buy for her.

Here are all three of the sweatshirts for $5 total.

At least my daughter can't say that I didn't forget about her while she is in Wisconsin.

Well, I'm off to lunch with a couple sisters and there might just be a few garage sales along the way.   Maybe I'll have more deals to share with you later.


  1. And a fantastic three hour lunch we did have!!! jennifer

  2. I love those ceiling medallions. I found one for $3 and thought I did well.

  3. Those are great finds! Hopefully you can find something to do with the ceiling medallions. Cute things!

  4. i love a good yard sale! fab finds

    Arwen68 swapbot


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