Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chair Makeover - Part Two

Finally there was a day that I could finish spray painting the red chair I started last week.

Here it is with the fourth and final coat of red.   I used two cans of paint for this chair.
It is a lot closer to the red I wanted.

I wanted to glaze it to bring out some of its character so I mixed up a couple
colors of paint and added water to get a glaze mixture.
Mixed with water it looks like quite a mess.

I painted the glaze on and wiped it off.  It was a pretty hot day so I had to work quickly and didn't get any picture of the actual glazing but here are some detail shots once it was glazed.

A few more.
It turned out a lot darker than I originally envisioned but now I can't imagine it could look better.
It looks like it has been through a lot and has been loved well.

Before and After
Thanks for looking.


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  1. Wow! That chair is so pretty - an amazing transformation!

  2. I love furniture makeovers! You did a great job! 4 coats of paint! Makes me tired thinking of it! The glaze was a great finishing touch!

  3. It's gorgeous! It's the perfect shade of red after the glaze. I love it!!!!

  4. LOVE the glaze--the color is amazing with it! This is a beautiful chair!

  5. The chair is very cute. I like how you darkened it up with the glaze. Great job!

  6. Great job--you chose my fav color.
    Where will you be putting this lovely.
    or did I miss this from an earlier post?

    Happy Saturday.


  7. I love the chair--you did a great job redoing it!

  8. Your chair came out beautiful! Great color!

  9. I like what you did with the chair --

  10. in my opinion, red is hard to pull off. I think you did it perfectly!

  11. I love this! Red is the perfect color, and the glazing looks so good!


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