Monday, August 30, 2010

Some recent finds

A couple weeks ago I ended up at a 'free' garage sale.
What is a 'free' garage sale?
Well, everything was marked but there was a sign that said take whatever you could use.
I wonder why someone would go through all the work to mark everything and then
amend the signs to say to just take what you can use?
Oh well, not for me to judge other people.
I decided I could "use" a few things.
It had rained the day before I stopped by and a lot of the things were damp but I could see that they had been covered up to try to keep the stuff dry.

I picked up this basket that had been marked $1. 
It was pretty wet and I'm glad that it dried out without any funky smells.

I picked up a few Halloween items.
Every October when we visit my sister in Wisconsin our daughters usually plan a Halloween party so these should come in handy for the party.

Originally $2.97, garage sale price $1.00, free garage sale price - free for the taking. :)
Four items that had been marked $1 each was not a bad sale.

The following items I picked up this past weekend.
A gumball machine for my daughter.
She saw one on our trip to Des Moines a couple weeks ago but it was more than she had to spend.
This one was a lot cheaper. 
It didn't have a stand but I think it will work out better in her room this way.

It takes quarters so maybe it will help her save money??
A Mom can dream.

This one doesn't need a key to open, any flat screwdriver or flat object will open it.

I'm hoping to leave it red but my daughter was hoping that I would paint it blue to match her room.
I'm hoping to hold off long enough on painting it that she will be ok with the red. 
Shh, don't tell her that.

My favorite find was this twin bedspread.
I love the colors and the large graphic images.

I'm planning to make a few reusable bags with this material.
Now to decide what shape to cut the bag and decide if I keep the finished edge.

What deals did you find lately?


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