Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Covered photo albums

When I started the cabinet makeover in my hallway that I blogged about here I realized that 6 different colored photo albums were going to need to be updated since I wanted a cleaner look to the cabinet.

I wanted to keep the pictures in the cabinet and I didn't want to buy new matching albums I decided to cover the photo albums so that they all would match and display better in the cabinet.

So I gathered the following supplies: 
Patterned paper
photo tape

The paper I chose was double sided and had a fairly neutral pattern.
The paper would not completely cover the albums so I make a slip cover of sorts for some of them.

I centered the album on the 'wrong' side of the paper.

I folded up the paper on the end and side of the album.

I took the album off and completely folded up what will be the top and bottom of the album.
Then I folded what will be around the spine of the album.

I punched a hole in the two remaining corners.

Then set an eyelet in each corner.

I put cover over the album.  

I strung some ribbon through the eyelets and tied a bow.
I did this on four albums that were about 15" high.
The paper only covers a portion of the album cover but it does cover all of the
spine which is what will show in the cabinet.

On another album that was a bit shorter I used some photo tape to attach the paper to the spine of the book.   The paper only covered about 1/2 of the front and back covers. 
Just enough was covered to help all the albums blend together.

The shelf with six mis-matched albums all covered in the same paper.

Since I started out with a dark blue, red check, pastel blue, pink, yellow and purple albums the final shelf looks pretty good to me. :)

I had all the supplies on hand so I'm thinking of this as a no cost makeover.

Thanks for looking.


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