Sunday, August 15, 2010

The long road home

After our experience at the Iowa Events Center and the Antiques Roadshow last Saturday we started out of downtown Des Moines heading back to Minnesota.

This was the shot just a few minutes into our trip.

Here is the big scenic wonder of northern Iowa....windmills. 
Lots of them.
I don't see too many of these near where I live so it was nice to see
an alternative to fossil fuel burning power.
At one place there were dozens of them in the fields on both sides of the interstate.

We did make one stop at an unique roadside attraction.
The last Happy Chef location with a statue out front.
It is Mankato.  It was a brief stop but we did have to get a picture with me in front of it as
 proof that we did stop and see it.   

We didn't stop and eat but I'm sure the resturant has many people who take pictures in front of it....
 well maybe not lots but a few at least. 

We were driving when the sun set and it was quite pretty.
It kept changing by the second.  The sun was rather red but that doesn't show on any of the pictures.

This is my favorite picture.... the end of a wonderful day.

I hope your weekend ended on a wonderful note too.


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