Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slow down and look

One thing that being unemployed had taught me was that I was often busy doing nothing.
OK, well I'm still busy doing nothing but it is a much more relaxed nothing...
and the 'nothing' now is usually things that I really enjoy doing.  :)

What I really mean is that I was often too busy to enjoy what I was doing or to see
 the wonderful, beautiful things around me.

I know we are often busy and seem to go, go, go.
Maybe we all need a reminder to slow down and look at the beauty around us.

With this in mind I thought I would share a few pictures I took in my
 sisters garden from earlier this summer.

Walking throught one of her gardens we noticed a lot of butterflies sunning themselves on
flowers one morning. 

She told me that she planned this garden originally because she was tired of looking at
a blank space out her bathroom window in the mornings.

I think the garden is a perfect stop to help her stop and look at the beauty of her garden.
She noticed the butterflies, so I think it worked.

These flowers and butterflies were in my favorite spot in my sisters yard. 

It may be my favorite as it is the spot with the unexpected 'office' in it.

I hope that you stop, or at least slow down and find beauty around you.


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