Friday, August 20, 2010

It's not too early for Halloween

I thought maybe I was a bit early making Halloween cards but I'm glad to find out that I was not too early.
I listed 10 sets of 3 cards each on my etsy site and am happy to report that
3 sets sold and shipped out yesterday.

I think that I'll make a few more sets this weekend and list a few more to make sure people have a good choice of set to pick from. 

Here is one of the sets I sold.

Outside of cards
Inside of cards.   When I used staples on the card front I was sure to cover them in the inside
 of the card to make it nice and clean looking.  I made sure to put cardstock on the
inside of all the cards to finish them off a bit and it provides a
writing surface on the dark colored cards.

Close ups of this set.

Here are the other sets that I sold.

I bought some more paper that I can cut up to use on cards so I better get busy making cards.


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