Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thrifty fall finds

Early this fall I went to a few garage sales and a church rummage sale with one of my sisters.  I found a few things that I couldn’t pass up.


I usually can’t pass up a properly priced scrabble game, there is just something about scrabble tiles.


The green enamelware pot was priced to sell – I think it was 25 cents!  We found a similar one with holes in it that the seller was asking $3 for this was a great find.


I love this decorative Syroco frame that had a secret.  The previous owner lost the screws to hold the picture and glass in so used duct tape on the back to keep the picture in.


With these decorative corners a little duct tape couldn’t keep me from buying it.

DSCN0438  There is something about owls that draws me in and I loved this owl family.  For now they are still screaming 70’s but I think a fresh coat of paint will really transform them into the 21st century.  DSCN0441

The trays were picked up for another sisters greenhouse.  The decorative sconces were a great find and are in need of a paint makeover as the back piece is gold but the front piece for the candle is brown, not gold for some reason.


An enamelware pot and rusty muffin pan were an easy addition to my patio display.

 DSCN0444    This chair was a freebie.  I just pushed the spindles back into place and it too was an easy addition to my patio.  If it doesn’t last too long in the weather I’m not out any money and get to enjoy it for a while.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at a few of my latest finds.

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