Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick $1 card set

I love it when I find inexpensive items that I can craft with.  Recently I picked up a set of layered stickers for $1 at JoAnn’s.

havestampswillcraft.blogspot (4)

I was able to create a quick and simple card set with them.

havestampswillcraft.blogspot (5)

Havestampswilcraft - card

The stickers all had sentiments on them so I didn’t even need to get out any stamps.

havestampswillcraft - card 

havestampswillcraft.blogspot (2)

I embossed some frames on scrap papers to help make the stickers seem a bit larger.

havestampswillcraft.blogspot (3) 

havestampswillcraft.blogspot (6)

Since I kept the design rather simple I was able to be a bit more creative with the cardstock and used color combination that I don’t usually use.   

havestampswillcraft.blogspot (7)

havestampswillcraft.blogspot (8)

havestampswillcraft.blogspot (9)

I like the clean lines of the cards I created with just a few supplies.


The next time you see inexpensive stickers or craft supplies pick them up and make them the start of a quick, simple and inexpensive card set.

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  1. These turned out so nice! I really love the colors, and the clean lines, too!


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