Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Patio and $3 Thursday wreath update

I finally update my patio for fall and thought I’d share a few pictures.

I had most of the decorations on hand but did buy a few pumpkins and a few mum plants.


The bamboo birdcages I had out all summer are looking a bit worn with chipping paint but I think that fits in perfect for fall.  I managed to catch a few glittered mice in them as well. :)


The mice were after holiday finds last year for a few dollars.  Since they were so inexpensive I won’t mind at all if they they only last a few weeks outside.




The air conditioner doesn’t get much use now but it holds a few light items just fine.


The mouse in this picture got a bit frisky today.  He knocked down a few items and broke the pot.


Hanging mum plant with thrifted basket and garland.


You might recognize this wreath faux feather wreath from last year. 


I added a Halloween tray that I picked up at a discount store for $1.19. You can probably find similar trays or plates with Halloween decoration on them at your local discount or dollar store.

I think a tray or plate like this would look great on its own as an unique door or wall display.

Have you found any thrifty ways to decorate for Halloween?

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