Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween cards – Day two

I thought I’d share more Halloween cards from the set I made lately.

havestampswillcraft eeeek card

Most of the cards were quick and easy thanks to the journaling and accent cards that i was able to cut out of one sheet of paper.

havestampswillcraft elixir card

There is a funny secret behind the black spider.  Yes it was a clearance find that was in my stash, I think it was from the Target dollar spot last year.  The crazy part is a day after mentioning wooden nickels during my lunch break one of my sister offers me a bag of them and they just happened to be the perfect size to mount these spider stickers!havestampswillcraft good little witch card This card has another one of the spider stickers mounted on the wooden nickels.

One good thing about having quite a stash of products is that you might just have the perfect thing to make a really unique thrifty accents.

I might have missed the free beer the wooden nickel was once worth but I think it makes a great base for the spider stickers to make them a bit more prominent.

What free or thrifty finds have you used on your cards?

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