Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Small victories

I realized today how much of a small victory person I am.  You see I decided to take the days that my daughter was done to do some projects around the apartment.

The first one was reorganizing the bathroom cupboard.  Pretty easy, I ended up taking out my tool box (yes I know it is crazy to store a tool box in the bathroom but it ended up in there years ago and it worked.)  I was able to put in a few more things that were in my hallway closet that really belonged in the bathroom.

Then I tackled what is suppose to be our coat closet.  I had rearranged it a month or two ago in the hopes of turning it into storage for Etsy shop item that were spread out all over the apartment.  I never really liked it as I set it up so I decided I needed a different storage system for there rather than the mismatched items that I was using.

I was able to find a wire system on sale at my favorite store for $13.99.  I picked up two as I wanted it as large as I could make it without taking out the existing shelf and rod that was in there. 

I got most of the items that were around the apartment in closet in addition to the newly displaced tool box.  Now I had a plastic drawer system and some wood fruit crates that needed a new home.  The plastic drawers will eventually make it under my craft tables.  I had ideas to use the wood crated in my bedroom somewhere.

Now avert your eyes if you want pretty – this before is so not pretty.

Closet before:


I know, I know it is bad.  Very bad.

Here’s the after.


Not picture perfect pretty but it is a whole lot better than it was just days ago.

I still didn’t do much with the top shelf.  It has smaller frames in the hat box on the left.  Various wreaths hanging on the wall and some larger pieces and frames to the left with a purse in the middle. 


I thought the divider would help store some of my frames but it isn’t working quite like I imagined it would.  So the top shelf is still a work in progress.  Well, mainly it is a put it off for now project that may or may not ever get done.

The closet redo lead me to decide today was the day to finally tackle rearranging my bedroom.

I moved the bed, end table, dresser, chest but wasn’t sure yet on the wood crates.  What do I tackle?   Do I keep rearranging furniture?  Nope I tackle the small stuff.  Seriously I rearrange the top of the dresser to look like this…..



I thought I would finally display some of my vintage jewelry finds along with some of my newer jewelry.


Really a pretty dresser top when my bed still looks like this…..


Yep that is what I do.

What was I thinking?
Am I the only one who does things like this?

I guess I need to see some small victory.  I need to know that there is light at the end of tunnel, even if it doesn’t look like it. 

Ah well, I better get back to work working on clearing off my bed so I have a place to sleep tonight.

Well, even if I have to sleep on the couch or floor at least I will have a cleaner closet and a pretty dresser top.




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  1. Yep, I LOVE organizing and my bed (or dining room table) certainly DOES look like that when I'm through!


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