Saturday, July 2, 2011

Candlelight confessions


No, nothing romantic or sordid just sort of soul bearing.

I need stuff, well maybe it would be a bit more accurate to say I need stuff to do.  Whether it is crafting, listening to the radio or tv or being able to go online and surf the blogs.  I need to be able to do it.

Sure I have a lot of stuff in my life but nothing makes you stop and think about what you have and take for granted like a good old power outage.

Boy one thing I need is power.  I can’t believe how boring life can be without power.  It might not have been so bad but it happened later in the day so not much natural light since it is still raining and storming outside.

It’s not as if there isn’t things on my to do list, I just don’t have light to see to do what I could be doing.

On the plus side I do get to stop and listen to the rain.

I’m grateful for you cell phone as I can still contact people but what I would give for a nice long call on my land line but oh no, nothing but cordless phones which do me no good except for as a paperweight if the wind picks back up.

It wasn’t so bad at first but half an hour without power I started feeling a bit anxious and thought about getting in the car just to see if the power was on in another part of town.  Maybe I need something at the store but no, not really.  I do see lights over a few blocks over at the bakery but I don’t know if they have a back up generator to run the ovens and their production lines in case of power outages like this.

Over an hour without power and I’m grateful for my laptop computer but no internet and I’m already bored of solitary and jewel quest.  I guess I need to see if there are any other games that I can play after I finish this post.

Oh sure I can write a blog post but who knows when it will be published.  I’m thinking positive and it will post tonight.

I sent a text to one of my sisters about how bored I was and that I can’t craft by candlelight.  Her suggestion is to light more candles.  I think that might just be too much of a fire hazard if I start working with paper.

It’s been only about an hour and a half without power and I’m rethinking my need to get in the car and drive to a store just to see if they will have power and hope that I would when I get back home.  One can hope that not all the power line workers are on a long holiday weekend!

Power, I vow to never take you for granted again and to appreciate how you help me out every single day, all day long.

For now however, I’ll be grateful for a lighted candle.


Edit** The power finally came on about 10:30pm.  I have to say it was a long four hours without power.  I did take a little trip to Target to get some light and feel a bit more in control of my surroundings.

Our neighborhood faired the storm much better than other areas of town.  I did see a few very large trees knocked over on the other side of the river, some of the trucks were at least 2 feet across.  The root balls that came out of the ground were probably 8-10 feet across!





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