Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flower card

After seeing a card with a large flower cut out of patterned paper I remembered that I had a large flower stamp that I’ve only used a few times.  I knew it would be perfect to use on some text paper.


I stamped the flower on the text paper then outlined it with a black pen and cut out.  I used a large gem for the center of the flower and some floss to add a bit of texture to the flower.


I cut outside the stamped image to add a bit more contrast from the patterned paper on the card.  I think I like the white edge just a bit better than the one that was cut close to the edge of the stamped image.

I’m slowing working on building up my card stash after selling quite a few last week in my tsy store.  Selling my cards not only brings in a bit of extra money but it helps me use my paper stash.  I’ve been selling them mostly in 25 card assortments for about a dollar a card.  Please check out my Etsy store if you are interested in some of my handmade cards. 




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  1. Great idea to use the text paper that way! I try to make envelopes out of mine but didn't think to cut out shapes from it for cards. So pretty!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you modpodge suitcases because I would love to see how they turn out.

    Hope you had a great weekend. Following you now!



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