Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Really, I didn’t push my sister……..

I have to say that I usually have the best luck garage sale or rather rummage sale shopping with my sisters.  Especially when I visit my sister in Wisconsin.  It seems like a lot of the sales in my sisters area are called rummage sales.

Either way they have lots of great deals.

Maybe it is the two of use egging on each other to buy stuff but we always seem to come home with a car or in some cases a van load. 

I didn’t think I could top my packing skills of last year.

Well I did this past weekend.

Who would have thought that you could pack 4 bird cages (2 jumbo, one tall and one smaller), a bust, frames, paper log roller, bridle, paper, stamps and 20 plants, most of them large, in one small car.  We did it with a little bit of spare room, well the inside of one bird cage, in the rain to boot! 

I didn’t think to take a picture before we started unloading. Here are some of the things we bought.


That bird cage is huge – I think 18” x 20” and probably 30” tall.100_7760

My sister may tell you that I pushed her out of the way, or rather held her in the car so I got to the round bird cage first.  My story is that she stopped at the free pile grabbing a horse bridle giving me permission to get to the bird cages first.

Never fear, she went home with three bird cages while I only went home with one.

100_7761 She did get even by making me dig up two trees from her yard so she could plant the new trees and shrubs we bought.  I may have twisted her arm just a bit saying that I could pack them all in her car that was already full with four bird cages.

Oh, well, what are sisters for if not for encouraging you to do things you really want to do anyway…….


She did pay some ridiculously low price for this Twist-n-Shout hydrangea.  I may have told her to buy each color they had but I’m sure she will thank me later when she is enjoying the blooms. :)


And just to show you how large the bird cages are – this one just about covers my patio table.

100_7765 I’m not sure where this $2 beauty will end up but it is home for now.

Yep, you read that right.  I snagged this two foot plus bird cage for $2 because they didn’t have clips for it so I’ll need to buy clips to hold the bottom on!!

Ok, don’t hate me too much.  Seriously the country rummage sales in Wisconsin are rusty, gold mines with the greatest prices.

Now do you see why I might have held my sister in the car to give me a head start?  To be fair, she was closer.

Who am I to begrudge her for stopping at the free pile to grab a horse bridle?  She didn’t exactly loose on the deal.  She went home with a lot more than I did.

I’m planning to show you more of my finds tomorrow.

I hope your treasure hunting went as well as ours did this past weekend.


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  1. I am so jelous of your birdcage find! There are soo many fun things you could do with that beauty :)


  2. I love the birdcages, funny I also found a paper log roller, I have not done anything with it yet? So many have asked me what is that?
    Let me know if you do something with yours, I could only think of a planter? Saw you on Funky Junk Linky!

  3. I'm finding here in the northeast that many thrift stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army are not the places to find treasures because everyone knows the secrets of those of us who look for bargains. While shuttling 2 college students- 1 in the midwest & 1 along the east coast, I often try to find quirky small towns to explore along the way.......


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