Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Earth Week - {Eco Friendly Purse}

A thrift store in a neighboring town advertized a re-purpose contest for earth day.  I thought, hey, I’m re-purposing all the time, I can make something to enter.  Who knows, maybe I can win the $50 gift card they are giving away.  Can you imagine how much stuff you can get at a thrift store for $50?

I had to try to win it.

I had a few ideas on what I was going to make but the week before the item was due I got so sick and tired that I had a hard time making anything.

I had told one of my sisters about the contest and I knew what she was entering so if I wanted a chance at winning I knew I really needed to step and and enter something good.  I gave it my best shot and completed a purse that I cut out a month or more before.


The whole purse is made from thrift and recycled materials.

I used a leather jacket, a shirt and a belt.


I cut it out so I could use one of the front pockets from the jacket on the outside of the purse.


I think I’m really going to like having a pocket on the outside of the purse.



My daughter had this fun retro looking shirt with a mushroom pattern that was beyond repair. 


I loved the pattern so kept the shirt knowing one day I’d use the material.


The handle was a belt I picked up free at a garage sale for the D-rings. 


I love the rustic look of this purse and the buttery soft leather it is made from. 100_6843

I think this will be one of a whole lot of bags I make from the ever growing collection of leather and suede jackets I have.

I’m not sure if I’ll win the earth day re-purpose contest but either way I win, I’ll have a new to me purse and feel good that is a completely eco friendly purse.  It’ll be nice however if I have a purse and $50.


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  1. Beautiful job! Love how you used the leather, the shirt, and the belt!

  2. What a great idea! My husband has a number of leather jackets that he had custom made while stationed in Korea years ago which he no longer wears. I think I see a few new purses or even totes in my future! Once again thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Is there somewhere we could go to vote for you?

    Gloria in Virginia

  4. Now that is what I call ingenuity, June! What a great way to repurpose what may havev otherwise been tossed out! Love the outside pocket, and I am sure that your purse would be the perfect spot for the $50 prize! Good luck:)

  5. Gloria I entered a store specific contest so no unless you would happen to be visiting central Minnesota but thanks for the offer.


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