Thursday, April 28, 2011

$3 Thursday–Pattern covered frame

I’ve been absent a bit lately as I haven’t been feeling too creative.  I knew I wanted to post something so I took a few pictures of a couple frames I made a few weeks ago.
I started with some simple wooden frames that I’ve had in my stash supply for a while.  I’m talking a few years at least.
I think I paid $1 or $2 for each of them.  I’m sure I had grand plans for them but I like the vintage feel of these.
I cut up old patterns that I picked up for free and used Mod Podge to glue it to the frame.
I used multiple layers, probably 2-4 layers of the pattern on some parts of the frame.
A great thing about these frames is the dowel that can stand the frame up in two ways.
I tied on a bunch of seam binding that I crinkled up.
I love the graphic nature that the multiple layers of the pattern gives.
I decided that one of the frames would be a good addition to my hall cabinet that is decorated with vintage games.
I think the vintage feel of the frame and the coloring helps it blend right in.
The picture is actually packaging from some chipboard accents.
Wood frame             $1-$2
Pattern                  free
Mod Podge          Craft Supply
Seam Binding           Craft Supply
Total Cost:       About $2 per frame
This was a fairly quick and easy craft.  I think it took less than an hour to make the two frames.  I kept setting it aside for 5-10 minutes and then took a fresh look at them to see if I where I wanted to add more layers to the frames. 
Once dry I used scissors to trim away the excess pattern from the back of the frames.

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  1. Cute idea! I like to use pattern paper instead of tissue paper in gift wrapping, but I like your idea for crafting with it!


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