Thursday, November 11, 2010

$3 Thursday - soft and cuddly scarf

I know at least one of my faithful readers missed a $3 Thursday craft last week.
I had a craft, in fact I thought it was a great craft and I couldn’t wait to show you.  Well, lets just say my sewing machine and me didn’t get along.   I lost the fight.  Well at least on Thursday I lost but after giving the machine some time to cool off it agreed to let me at least complete my project.
Just not in time to share it with you last week.
It’s getting cooler here in Minnesota so I’ve been thinking about a new scarf for this year.
My first thought was to use some of the reclaimed leather I have from from old jackets that I rescued from the local thrift stores.  I knew that might not be cuddly enough so off I went to JoAnn’s to see what sort of backing I could get for the leather.  My first thought was a fleece backing. 
I fell in love with a soft cuddly swirl faux fur.
Isn’t it gorgeous?
At $14.99 a yard it better be gorgeous and super soft.  It is.  I could imagine a cuddly blanket made of this to use while cuddling on the couch watching TV.
Maybe one will be coming later but definitely not for the $3 Thursdays.
It was soft and cuddly and perfect for a backing for the leather scarf I was imagining. 
With the price of the leather and this backing it was a bit over my $3 budget but I decided I could make a narrower scarf with just this cuddly fur and stay under $3 since there was a sign for 50% off of this material, or so I thought.
When I got to the cutting table it didn’t ring up on sale.  I knew I wasn’t going to pay $15 for a yard of it and I was sure that the sign was for this fabric so I showed the clerk where the material was and the sign.  The sign looked right, right brand and dates but she noticed that it said $12.99 material, not the $14.99 stuff I had.  She thought it should be on sale and was able to ring it up at 50% off or $7.50/yard.
I decided on a 5-6” scarf so 1/3 yard was enough for a scarf.   That’s $2.49 for a soft and cuddly scarf that is about 5” wide and 60” long.
The scarf itself is fairly simple – I took a piece of the fur about 60” X 12” and folded it right sides together then sewed up the edges leaving about 4-5” to turn the scarf right side out.   I tried using a little bit of fabric glue to close the hole but it leaves the area a bit stiff so for the next scarf I would either hand stitch the opening or top stitch it.  I think I might even look for some fringe and sew that to the end of the scarf.
I love the soft feel of this scarf.
I think the scarf is just the right width and length for me.  Bring on the cooler weather…. well not too cool, I can do without snow for another month or so or even all together. 
Have you made anything to warm up this winter?

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  1. OOOO...I love super soft fabrics, too. Thanks for stopping by LLT and sharing your holiday shopping tradition:) Have a great day!


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