Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thrift frame

Well I made over the 30 cent frame I bought yesterday. I decided to make a Mom frame so I could submit it for a TAC contest about Mom. I decided that since I have more crafting time now that I should try to submit items for contests so I can potentially win some free product. I know it is probably a long shot but worth the try.

The frame didn't take too long, I used the same glossy navajo white paint I used on the butterfly frames. I think I should go get another can as I will probably be using it on everything pretty soon!

This one I put light coat of a shimmery gold paint as well. I couldn't get it to show in any pictures. It gives the frame an almost iridescent sheen. The shimmery gold paint was on clearance at Michael's. I might have to see if there is still some there and pick up another can. I think it was $1.50 a can. It is a smaller can but well worth that price. I even used some of it on some of the paper I used.

I used patterned papers from TAC's More Mimi collection and an light cardstock that I ran a brown inkpad over to get the color I wanted. The brown's I had were not quite dark enought. I have not used buttons much lately - I guess I got all my buttons on this one project. I used most of the matching buttons in dark pink and green that I could find in the MM Lemonade Buttons and Blossoms set. Good to finally use them. I might just have to keep using buttons, maybe a whole frame filled with buttons?? I better get thrifting.....

On the lighter side, today was Kira's 13th birthday. I think I was able to surprise her with the cake I ordered. Coborn's did a fabulous job. I asked for a picture of the Click books Kira loves and mentioned that she really liked the background from some of the books. They printed off a picture of most of the books and put it on the cake and filled in the rest of the background and sides of the cake with the background scroll work. It was nice to see a genuine smile on Kira's face.

Well the frame was the only creative project I completed today, well so far today. This week I have been most creative late at night. I need to put away the remenants of supplies I used on the frame and that will probably lead to some more late night crafting today.

Here's to a creative day....

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  1. Your ideas sound super. I just signed up for your Nwsletter. A great job and lots of neat crafts to do with things we discard;)
    God's Blesssings


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