Monday, May 31, 2010

Flower baskets and pots... well almost

I set out today to buy flowers to finally finish sprucing up my patio with flowers. I know it is late but then again, here in MN you never know what the weather will be. This spring we had no snow in March or April, which is very unusual but then in May we had frost and some snow flurries one night! I'd like to says I'm done, but....... I ran out of potting soil before I could finish. Above are the plants I picked out. So I went for 'flowers' and came back with mostly 'plants' that don't flower. But it was what I liked and I thought they made a good combination.

Here is the hanging basket all done and hung up. I even put up a new hook in the patio above me so I wouldn't have to hang the basket in the middle of the patio or right above where I usually sit and read in the morning. Nothing like having to move a chair everytime I water so I don't get my chair wet.

Oops... ran out of potting soil. I thought the big bag was way too much so I ended up picking up two smaller bags thinking I had a little bit left over and I only had a hanging basket and a pot to do. Oh, I guess I estimated wrong.

Maybe this can be the solution???? How long do you think I can leave the plants like this before they start to sprout roots out of the bottom of their small little pots??

Hmm, maybe I'll have to head to a dollar store to see if they have potting soil and the beads I want to work on the chandelier from the dollar store hanging baskets I bought Saturday. Oh, and I decided that I 'need' a wreat or something to hang from the wreath hanger that I have outside. Nothing has been on it since I took down the santa wall hanger this spring. I guess I might just have to make another trip out today.

Happy crafting

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