Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Late night birthday card

Ok, seriously, who forgets that they don't have a birthday card for their daughter until 10pm the night before??? Well, I guess that would be me.... As I put out a gift so Kira can have a present first thing in the morning it dawns on me that I don't have a birthday card. Well, I have lots of birthday cards made but nothing made special for Kira so here is my late night creation.

I used a TAC set that I just got this week. I ended up using every stamp in the set, I can't remember that last time I used all the stamps of a set on one card. I attached a small pencil to complete the birthday crossword. I wrapped it in ribbon and attached it to the card by running the ribbon throught a eyelet in the corner of the card. I wrapped the pencil in ribbon to hid the printing on the side of it. See Jennifer I'm still using the pencils you gave me. :)

I made a pocket of sorts on the front of the card to store the list of words to find. Inside the card I attached a covered coin envelope that I put the answer key in. I don't think Kira will need the key but I thought I should include it. I took a picture but I didn't realize it was so blurry until I went to upload it and I had already put the card in an envelope and sealed it. Lesson learned, check the pictures closer before you package the card.
Happy 13th birthday Kira! I love you.

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