Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More mini love cards

I had so much fun making the first batch of mini cards I showed yesterday that after making a few more standard size cards I went back and made more mini cards to use more of the mini card bases I have.


Most of the cards I made have the lovebirds on them but a few are a bit more generic and would make great tags for gifts.  I expect to go to an anniversary party later this month and think one of these tags will be a great gift tag.




I used a bit of glitter to accent a few of the hearts.


I ended up making 19 mini cards.  I’m not sure if the package only had 19 cards or if it had 20 and I used one of them in the past.  Or more likely, I might have taken one out searching for inspiration, never found it so added the card to my scrap box.

I actually have two more sets of these mini cards in my stash and now am sure that I’ll find a use for them soon.



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