Friday, January 13, 2012

I’m back….

I can’t believe it has been two months since I’ve posted anything.  It was an unplanned departure from blogging over the holiday season.  I was just not doing much of anything crafty and didn’t have the inspiration to blog about anything.  I think there were even weeks when I didn’t even search other blogs to see all the crafty inspiration out there.

I hope you all had a great holiday season and your new year is starting out well.

After the holidays I found some great deals on some papers and finally sat down last night and made a few cards.  For the next couple days I’ll show you some cards I made from this paper kit.


It is called Love Me Do from My Mind’s Eye.  I got it for only $2 so how could I pass it up?  Well, as you see, I didn’t pass it up.   So far I made 8 cards and only used a few of the papers and die cuts from the pack.  I did use a some ribbon, flowers, pin, glitter, ink and stamps from my supplies.


This die cut was just about all this card needed but I added a bit of bling to make it stand out a bit more.


The pearl sprig was from the bridal section of a local discount store.  I but them down a bit so the strings were not all the same length.


I had this flower in my supplies, I added a bit a blue ink to help it match the papers just a bit more. 


I slit the anchor to put it around the center of the flower for a simple card.

I love this paper pack and knew immediately that it would make great valentine cards.  I love the non-traditional blue and yellow colors with the red.  I think they make great valentine, just because or even anniversary cards. 

What do you think, would you send these cards for something other than valentines day?



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