Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Goodbye and hello….


This week I had to say goodbye to my vintage chalkboard globe.  I loved the look of this globe and was a little sad to see it sell.


I loved how this makeover turned out, especially the hammered aluminum finish on the metal frame.

But, I’m sure it will have a good home in Pennsylvania where it is going.  Packing it up did help inspire me to finish my second chalkboard globe.

Say hello to chalkboard globe, number two.


Isn’t he handsome.  Somehow I think a globe must be masculine….


The frame on this globe was a bit different than globe number one.


The base is wood and I had a hard time deciding if I should paint it or not.  In the end the hammered aluminum finish won out for both the plastic and the wood.  It was nice to see 'Made in the USA’ on the bottom of the base.

I’m hoping to sell this globe as well and if so I do have globe number three in waiting.  He however is still in it’s original colorful glory but I’m not afraid to paint it if when I say goodbye to globe number two.

You can check out globe number two in my Etsy store along with other fun and funky home décor items as well as my handmade cards.

I’m hoping to find a smaller globe in my price range.  I think a 6” chalkboard globe would be a fun addition to my desk.


I wonder where in the world globe number two will eventually call home.



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  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by, I have to follow you seeing you're a minnesota girl. I am originally from Minnesota now I live in Orlando. My Mom lives in Maple Grove and all the relatives are there. I am headed to MN in July, hoping the snow is gone LOL!



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