Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring patio

It’s been a long winter here in Minnesota.  We had a brief look of spring but then it got cool again.  There was even snow in the air a couple days ago. 

Finally today felt like spring again so I made use of the sunshine and warmer weather to update my patio.  I didn’t think to take a picture of it before but here are few shots of my after.  Well, I guess I should say my ‘in progress’ as I still need to add a few plants.  I’m hoping that the weather will stay warm so that I can buy a few plants.


I sprayed a few spots of the chair and the table to bring the color back to the wood as the winter took its tool on them.


Even if it is cool out I decided to put a few fresh flowers out there to help it feel like spring.


The flowers were from a $1.99 bouquet at the grocery store that I’ve been enjoying inside for a few days already.  I put them in water bottles that I cut the tops off of and are in a chippy wicker holder.


This small wood holder isn’t going to last much longer but it is a fun looking display for some hens and chicks.


As you can see I have mostly empty pots.  The clay pots never had flowers in them last year as I found them late last summer.  I’m not sure what if anything I will put in them this year.


These leather, yes leather shorts were a fun find at the Goodwill outlet thanks to my sister for showing them to me.  I can’t believe she didn’t snatch them up as she is know for her funky gardening planters.


For now I put this wood candle holder turned planter.  I’m thinking I would like to figure out how to put a trailing plant in them as I would love to have a plant spilling out of them. 

I can’t imagine some little kid actually wearing these as they are so thick but you can tell they were used quite a bit.  The details are fantastic.  Two zippers, a belt and suspenders.  I know that some sort of decal is missing from the suspenders but I love them the way they are.


For now my ‘red’ hen and chicks are calling them home.


This strainer is suppose to be all ‘green’ hen and chicks.  


I’ve changed the top of my wire plant stand already by adding a coco liner that I picked up at the dollar store today.


I brought this spiral rush inside for the winter as I thought it was such a funky plant.  I ended up taking over half of the spikes off in the last month of so as they dried up. 

I’m hoping that it will really grow the new pot as it was extremely root bound in the previous pot so I’m sure that was one of the main reasons it is so sparse now. 


The globe on the table has a solar powered light inside so it brings a little light to the patio at night.

I’m hoping spring really is here and I can spend some more time outside on my patio.


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  1. Hi June,
    I love all of your fun and funky planters! Hen and chicks are great, aren't they?

  2. Fun patio decor, June! I am really hoping this warmer weather sticks around awhile, too!


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