Friday, December 3, 2010

I love my Target, except for the $50 holiday light strands

I love living so close to Target, one of my favorite stores.  Well, it is more of a love/hate relationship.
Love because I can get just about anything I need there including a fair share of my groceries.
Hate because I sometimes end up buying a $50 light set.  Well to be fair with coupons it was only $41.19 for a string of 100 blue lights for my Christmas tree.
It started out innocently enough.
I got my tree out and discovered that half of the lights weren’t working.  I tried making sure that all of the bulbs were pushed in and got one set of lights to work.  I couldn’t get the last set of lights to work so I decided to make a quick trip to Target to get what I thought would be a $3.99 set of lights.
$41.19 later I’m leaving with a set of 100 lights.
Well, that’s not the full story.
Here is what really happened.

~I make sure that I have my reusable bags and coupons – you never know….
~A quick look in the dollar section – nothing I “need”.
~I try on a few pairs of sunglasses to replace the ones in the car that are peeling, missing a nose pad and oh yeah, half of the bow is broken.  No luck, I can’t decide on any that look good on me today.
~ I might as well head over to the clothes section and see if I can find $25 worth of Merona items since I have a $5 off $25 coupon.
~ I do find a couple Merona shirts on the clearance rack.  $4.24, $4.24 and a whopping $2.50.
~ Not near $25 so I better keep looking.
~ Check out the shoe department.  Nothing I need today.  See I do have some restraint.
~ Head through the housewares, drool over some of the holiday items and add them to my wish list.
~ Head over to the holiday section.  After all I do have a $5 off coupon for a set of 50 Christmas bulbs and I don’t have as many blue bulbs as I thought I did.  Drat, they are not exactly the color I want and they are still $15.  Doesn’t Target know that I wanted them to be on sale today?
~ Ok time to head over to the Christmas lights.  It IS what I came here for.
~ Ah, there they are.  A set of 100 blue lights for $4.49.  Just what I was looking for.  Into the cart they go.
~ Are those Hershey’s Kisses I see?   Don’t I have a coupon for them?  Yep, $1 off.  I better grab a bag.
~ Oh, look Snyder Butter Snaps are on sale for $2.  Into the cart they go.
~ Look at all the sale tags on the chips.  I better stop and take a look.
~ Buy two Tostitos chips for $5 and get salsa or queso free.  Sold.  But wait, there is more.  There is a coupon on the chips for a free Pepsi 2 liter if I buy two bags of chips.  Even better.  Two bags of chips, salsa AND 2 liter of pop for $5.  Boy, I am saving lots of money!
~ Off to the pop isle to pick up my free 2 liter.
~ Wouldn’t you know it, Pepsi products are on sale.  Four 12 packs for $10, I better get two of them because I have a coupon for $1 off if I buy two.  Another thing in the cart to keep my lights from looking pathetic in the cart.
~ Oh look - $1.50 off pretzels if I buy Cheezits.  Hey I already have the pretzels so I better check out the Cheezits.  It is my lucky day, they are on sale for $2.54.  They were just begging to join the pretzels in the cart.  Who am I to deny them?
~ Gee, I have a coupon for Chex Mix, I better grab two bags.
~ I have a couple frozen item coupons, I better head over to the frozen food isle.
~ Free Market Pantry vegetable item if I buy a MP frozen chicken item AND $2.00 off if I buy MP frozen Chicken.  Well the chicken is on sale for $6 and my daughter liked the MP veggies we had last night.
~ MP boneless Asian chicken wings you have not been in my freezer for a while.  I better bring you home.
~ Don’t forget the veggies, they will keep the chicken from getting lonely.
~ Since I’m in the frozen food area I can’t forget to take a look at the ice cream.
~ Today it was Edy’s Caramel Delight that caught my eye.  Half the fat of something or another and a mere $3.19, no make that $2.19 since I have a coupon.

~ What, Klondike bars went up to $3.04 – they used to be $2.54.  Can you tell that we are long time friends?   $1.25 off two.  I pick them up but decide to put them back.  I don’t want to make Edy’s Caramel Delight jealous.  Plus I only have so much room in the freezer.
~ Oh, my daughter really like the soft french bread I picked up yesterday.  Since it is almost gone I better take a look at the bread today.
~ Still $1.39 a loaf.  Yep, you guessed it, into the cart.
~ Wow, pomegranates are only $1.49.  Since the stores around here usually only have them this time of year I better get one.  I think the last one I bought is just about gone.
~ What should I eat for lunch?   I better eat healthy since I’m feeling a bit guilty about all the snacks I bought.
~ One bag of lettuce.. check.
~Did I forget that this was suppose to be a quick trip?  After all I’m suppose to be working today checking emails for a friend.
~ Oops, at least I had my phone with me and there were no calls.
~ I better make a beeline for the cashier.
~ A quick side trip to the home fragrance isle can’t hurt, right?
~ What, $6.99 for the Glade reed diffusers?  I guess I got a good deal at the grocery store a couple weeks ago when they were clearing them out for $4.  Pair that with the buy one, get on coupon I had and I don’t feel bad at all that I bought two.
~ Seriously, I NEED to check out.
~ Plop two reusable bags on the counter. 
~ Maybe I need three.
~ Well, actually it looks like I need four.
~ Really, how can I need FOUR bags to carry out the set of lights that I came here to get?
~ And, don’t forget the two 12-packs of pop that don’t fit in the bags.
So now you know why I spent $41.19 on a 100 light strand of blue Christmas lights.
It is a good thing I had a $50 bill along with the $5 bill I thought I would spend.
Well, at least I have a few things to show for it.
After a healthy lunch of an Asian chicken salad I better try a cup of the Caramel Delight ice cream.  Doesn’t it look delicious?
It is.
Ah, now I have the energy to string up the lights that started all of this.
The tree isn’t decorated all the way yet but doesn’t it look like it is worth at least $41.19??
You know, I really think I might ‘need’ those blue ornaments after all.
You ever have one of those days??

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  1. Haha! Target gets me every time. I swear I can't walk out of that place without spending at least $50!


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