Thursday, December 9, 2010

$3 Thursday – Fisher Price Little People Key Chain

This fall at the Junk Bonanza I saw these lovely necklaces made with
Fisher Price Little People toys.
I loved them and knew it was something that I wanted to find some of these Little People that I played with when I was little and use them in a craft for myself.
I don’t think that I would wear one as a necklace but I would love to have one hanging on my key chain.
I didn’t think they would be so hard to find these old toys at a reasonable price but it did take me a
while to find some.
I thought I would be able to find a set of them for $5 or less.  Boy was I mistaken.
I found a big box of them at a garage sale.  Most of them were priced at $2.50 each!
They had a large selection of wood and plastic pieces.  They had all sorts of people and animals to pick from.
It was hard but I finally decided on a dog and a chicken to come home with me.
The dog’s body is wood with plastic ears and collar.
The chicken was plastic.
I would have liked to pick up all wood pieces but decided on a the plastic ones for the price.
I was able to get both pieces for $3.
I went to the local hardware store yesterday and picked up a few screw eye hooks for $.12 each.
I knew I had some ball chains in my supplies that I picked up earlier this summer.
I got a bag of 10 chains for $.50.
I grabbed my Walnut Hollow drill that I mentioned here and one of the smaller bits and drilled a hole in the top of each.
I screwed in the eye hooks.
Very easy.
I strung them on the ball chain.
Hmm, I still don’t think I would wear this as a necklace but it is a fun look.
I shortened up one of the ball chains and strung the chicken on my key chain.
Yep, this is more like it.
It even looks good on my key holder.
I’m so glad I finally found a couple Fisher Price Little People, well I guess Little animals, to turn into a new accessory for me.
Dog                     $2.00
Chicken               $1.00
Ball Chains              $.10 each
Screw Eye Hook       $.12 each
Drill                    supply
Total Cost:             $3.44
Cost per item:       $1.72
Another great inexpensive craft.   You might even have a small toy from your youth already and you can give it a new use and bring it out of the toy box.

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  1. Gasp! I LOOOOOOOOVVVE this idea and I have tons of these little guys that I've been collecting over the years.

  2. wow...what memories you have brought back for me. I had all of those characters as a child. My mother still has all of them and kept them for my children to play with.

    What a great way to bring a vintage item back to life!

    Take care,

  3. Wow, I LOVE those! It brings back so many memories.


  4. How fun! I wish that I had kept mine! The dog and little chick are just precious! What a fun and oh so creative idea!!

  5. What a fun keychain idea. I guess you can make something useful out of almost anything!

  6. Oh my gosh I LOVE this idea! I had those when I was little:)

  7. I LOVE these! Apparently when I was little I hated dogs and the Little People dogs were the worst! My parents say they would sneak them in my toys and I'd chuck it across the room when I found them. I'm going to have to get one and turn it into this for the memory. Thanks!

  8. Cute idea! I think you picked thebest of the bunch I love the chicken! Don't you love getting attedning those great shows and seeing such wonderful creative ideas??? I hope to make it to Junk Bonanza next year!
    Merry Merry!
    Tammy :-)

  9. Tooooo cauuute! I was just looking at my sons vintage cows this morning with a thought towards Christmas ornaments... Like this idea even better! Maybe I'll use a few for both? Thanks!
    EnJoY your Christmas!


  11. way to rock out a childhood memory!! I'd like to do something similar for a few toys my boys played with.

  12. Sooo cute! What a fun way to revive some happy memories.


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