Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's worth how much???

A couple months ago one of my sisters asked me if I would go to the Antiques Roadshow if she got tickets.  It took me about two seconds to say "yes".   I wasn't sure what if anything I would bring but thought the experience would be one I would not want to pass up. 

My sister was lucky enough to get tickets so we are traveling from central Minnesota to Des Moines Iowa tomorrow.   I've got about 60 miles to her house and from there we have another 315 miles to Des Moines.

I can't wait to get on the road and see what adventures we will have along the way.   I know we will be passing by the world's largest ball of twine made by one man, a mushroom house, the singing Hutchinson Brothers, the last Happy Chef with a statue,  Pitchfork Pete, Buddy Holly crash site, a giant pitchfork and the worlds largest concrete gnome.  Wow, don't you wish you were on this trip with us?? 

How may you ask do I know all of this?   Well I found this wonderful site, Roadside America.  I was amazed about all the information this site has.   You can check by attraction, city or state.  I clicked on the map of MN and then IA and took a note of the attractions along our route.   

If we don't find anything out about our pieces we may just learn more about the attractions along the way.   

I have some older pieces displayed in my house but nothing too grand in my opinion.  But then again, the best stores are the ones that people don't really know what they have.   I'm taking a thimble.  Nothing too exciting in my mind but a piece I know nothing about.  I found it in a sewing case I bought a couple years ago.  I don't really think it is worth much but I'm still taking it.  

I would like to learn more about how it was made.  The strange thing about it is that it is heavy, much heavier than I think a thimble should be. 

It has animal designs all around the side.  It looks like it was made in a mold of some sort.  I have looked a bit online and have not found any pictures of anything similar so I'll be happy just to learn a bit more about it.   Sure it would be nice to hear it is worth hundreds, or even thousands but I'm not holding my breath..... 

It looks like two horses,

An Elephant, and a giraffe on the sides.

 It is about 7/8" tall and about 3/4" across with an opening of 11/16". 

Here is the case I bought. 
It opens up on both sides and currently stores most of my jewelry making supplies.
 It came with legs but I took them off since it was very wobbly with the legs on it.   The legs were secured directly to the thin wood base and the holes were a bit too large. 

Maybe on day I'll put in a new bottom so the legs will be a bit more secure.

I think I paid $5 for the case and it had a few other sewing supplies inside as well.   I remember there was a small scissors that I thought was neat but I gave that to my sister who is a trained seamstress.  I kept the thimble because I liked it and I knew she would never use it. 

I guess I better practice my "oh, my gosh" expression when they tell me it is worth millions. 

Ah, a girl can dream. :)


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