Monday, August 2, 2010

Hallway cabinet makeover

Since I've been amassing quite a collection of frames in my apartment it has
been an issue  as to where and how to store them. 
I'll admit it has gotten a bit messy. 
 I tried to keep them in an old fruit crate but not all of them have fit in there.

Don't judge me too harshly but here is a before picture.  At least the top of the display was recently redone.  I blogged about it here.

I've been meaning to rework the cabinet I have too so that was the plan today.  
As you can see it was past time to do this.

The whole 'before' area:

The first step was putting away a couple leaves from my new table.
Off to the closet they go.
I had decided I didn't want this small cabinet in the area so it got moved to
my bedroom to act as a book shelf.
The area looked better already. 

Then I tackled the large cabinet.  I've never been sure to call the cabinet.
Even though it has a door on one side only I've always thought of it as a pie shelf of sorts.
I think the previous owner might have used it as that or at least for something hot as there is a burn mark on one of the shelves.  Whatever it was I love it, it was an auction find a few years ago.


Now for the decluttered shelves.  Yes, I know there is still a lot on them but it looks better to me.
I hid some of the photo albums in this picnic basket I picked up this summer for $2 at a garage sale.
 I wanted to keep a lot of the magazines and books I had in the cabinet.
Some of the books were moved into the small red bookshelf I moved to the bedroom and the rest were moved to the bottom shelf with the magazines I was keeping.
 I covered some of the photo albums with scrapbook papers so they would match.
 The frames are still in the fruit crate but a bit more organized now.
 The completed cabinet.

It looks a lot less stuff now but really only a few things were set aside to be donated.
A few things were put in other homes but for the most part everything is still there, just re-arranged
and stored a bit more creatively. 



Only two things I think I will change.  One is the basket on the red chair but that is only there temporarily.  it is a bridal shower gift that I need to deliver. 
The other one is the light blue cast iron pot behind the chair.   I'm not sure yet where that will go.

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