Monday, August 23, 2010

99 cent finds

Yesterday while cruising blog land I read that Savers has a colored tag 99 cents each Monday.
Well, I knew I had been in the store when a tag was 99 cents but I didn't realize it was every Monday.
So off to Savers I went this morning.
Yep, all yellow tags were $.99 and all orange tags were 1/2 off.

I had hoped to find a strainer or something similar to replant the hens and chicks I bought earlier this year.

I had them in a enamelware pot with no drainage and they are getting too much water with all of the storms we have had this summer.
A couple times there has been so much water I can see it was all the way to the top of the pot.
I have tried to drain them as well as I can but they would stay too wet for weeks on end I didn't want to put a hole in my enamelware pot.

I did find an enamelware strainer for $2.99 that will work but my big find of the day was a pair of sandals and a purse that were yellow tagged so were only 99 cents each.

The purse is from Eddie Bauer.  It is a cute summer bag and just happens to go with the shoes I found.  The colors are similar but I think they will go together well.  I usually don't buy used shoes but these had almost no wear marks.
I'm not normally a red person but I think I can get by with a red purse and red sandals.

Here is the purse, it is a sturdy canvas bag.  Not too large and not too small.
Just the right size.

Here in the inside, no noticeable stain or wear on the inside of the bag.

It has a sturdy base that will help the bag hold more and protect it if it gets accidentally set down
 on a wet surface.

I noticed one small area with some stitching missing.
I can live with this for 99 cents.

There is two small stain marks on the opposite side but nothing too noticeable.
I will try to spot clean it but if they don't come out I'll still use it.

Here are the shoes.  Ignore the toenails in need of a new coat of polish. :)

I've been looking for sandals and these feel good.
They are leather, comfortable and I don't think they make my feet look too large.

They are from JC Penneys, St John's Bay brand.
I'm guessing they were regularly $50 or more based on similar sandals I have seen.

I'm trying to decide if I want to cut off the strap and make them more of a mule sandal.
Strap or no strap?

I'm pretty sure no strap, but I have not cut off the strap yet. 
I know there will be no going back once I cut them off.

I'm pretty happy with a 99 cent bag and a 99 cent pair of sandals.
Maybe I will be a 'red' person after all.

I wish I could say I left Savers spending only a few dollars but I did spend just over $23.

Here is the strainer I bought for $2.99 with the hens and chicks planted in it already.

Not a perfect fit but it will do for now.  At least it will be easier to drain the rain water off of them.

Hopefully these baby chicks will have a fighting chance.

Most of my money was spent on two pairs of jeans. 
I rarely buy jeans and can't believe that I found two pair that I liked.
One pair is Levi Strauss and the other is Seven brand.
Good finds for the price.
Neither of them were 99 cents, one was $12.99 and the other was $5.00. 
The $5.00 pair was marked $9.99 but is was an orange tag so it was 1/2 off.

I usually have a hard time finding jeans I like so when I do I usually wear them until they have holes in them.
Two pair for under $20 is a steal so I'm a very happy gal today.

I hope you found some great deals lately.


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  1. BOy do not check what you are up to for awhile and lots has happened. Love the deals you have found. If you would get rid of the white flowers it would not be quite as bad. But still not good!


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