Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ribbon jars

I have been wanting to do something new with my fibers and ribbons in an attempt to use them more often. I so have some spools of ribbons on a holder on my craft desk but the rest were in 4 baskets on a shelf. Let's just say the ribbons were in the baskets but needed a lot of help to really be organized. I had them roughly organized into reds, neutrals, greens and blues but as you can see they were over flowing and in need of help.

I had a ladder type shelf that I decided to use to display the ribbons. Here is what I had on the shelf before. It needed an update as I'm tired of the games and more child inspired decorations.

I decided the shelf was just wide enough for some jars that I have had for a year or more just waiting for inspiration. I started out with 24 of the hex jars but due to an unfortunate incident I'm now down to 21. Let's just say if anyone has a sure proof way to get glass out of carpet to let me know!

I arranged by colors and included some non-fibers on the wall as well to give the colores a bit more balance.

I'm hoping seeing the jars will inspire me to use them a bit more often, as you can see I have quite a collections of fiber and ribbon. I did still have one basket of ribbons not on the wall, it was mainly miscellaneous colors that I would not have been able to fill up a jar with. That is if I would not have broken a few jars in the process.

I do still have spools of ribbon on a holder on my craft desk. Next I'll have to tackle getting my desk a bit more organized so I can take a picture of the holder on my desk. It was custom made for me by one of my brother-in-laws and I love it. I am able to store spools of ribbon, plastic containers filled with eyelets and brads and pretty much all of my smaller embellishments.

Right now I count 21 rolls or ribbon, 2jars of Bazzill blossoms, 4 containers of Making Memories embellishments, 2 packs of colored staples, 2 packs of loopy brads and 55 other containers. Most of the containers are the small plastic containers that electrical tape comes in. No, I don't use that much electrical tape but I've been able to get the plastic containders and they are perfect for storeing smaller items.


  1. love the ribbon jars!
    swap-bot follower, too...LOL.

  2. What a wonderful idea of how to display and use more of your ribbon. I have been trying to come up with an idea and that is a wonderful on. I have wonderful ribbon that I always forget I have. I might have to steal this idea.

    swap-bot aprilk
    "Check out my blog"

  3. love the jar idea--also love the ladder for a shelf!!

  4. I love this idea! I have a decorative ladder that my hubby made me that I just have leaning against my bedroom wall doing nothing. I might "borrow" this idea and use it to display some pretties on the wall. Thanks for sharing!


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