Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Garage sale finds

I feel so lucky, I had a great morning of garage sale shopping. I picked up all of this for under $15. Plus I picked up some cardstock that is not pictured.

I can't wait to start working on the frames. I got a total of 9 frames plus the two mirror wall sconces. I think the large frame will become a jewelery holder, the suede jacket will become flowers, the scabble tiles will be displayed and the Aeropostal sweatshirt is for my daughter. She can't say I didn't get anything for her now....

Well off to pick up Kira and 2 friends from the last day of school. We have a birthday party supper and sleepover planned for tonight so I don't think I'll get to create with any of my finds as I'm sure that is the last thing my daughter will want her friends to see.

Have a great weekend!

I'm linking this to Today's Thrifty Treasure @ Southern Hospitality

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  1. Great deal lyou got there. I hope you are in my swap Thriftstore Find #5 which I will do each month. This is a comment and I will follow your blog now for "Check Out My Blog"

  2. I have been thinking of the Thrift store find swap but have not joined yet. I'm sure I will soon.

  3. That is way too cool for all those items. Like it! Happy Monday!

    Just cutie

  4. Looks like you found lots of great stuff while out thriftin! Hop over and share your treaures at my party...hope to see you there:)



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