Sunday, August 7, 2011

The saddest thing I ever saw at Goodwill

Today I saw the saddest thing at Goodwill – I didn’t have my camera to snap a picture but would you believe that there was a custom made, personalized 50th wedding anniversary quilt there?

I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

There was a custom embroidered piece in the center of this hand tied quilt with names and dates of the anniversary and about 25 personalized squares of what appeared to be each son, daughter and grandchild.  Some with pictures, some with drawings, many with birthdates.  Looking at the dates I would think most everyone but the wedding couple would still be alive.

It made me so sad to think that not one person in that family thought to keep the quilt as a remembrance of the couple or as a family keepsake.  Or maybe one person took it upon themselves to donate the quilt without offering it to another family member.  I think I might keep that thought in mind as I really can’t believe that a handmade 50th anniversary quilt would end up at Goodwill.

I almost wanted to buy the quilt myself to save others from having to see such a sad sight.  But then again, maybe another person who sees it will stop and think about their family keepsakes and their future.


Ok, your turn.


Would you ever donate such a personalized item to Goodwill if you nor any other family member wanted it?



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  1. I feel the same way when I see things like this. The other day I saw a retired sheriff's badge collection. It was beautifully framed and I was SHOCKED that no one in his family would want it. I too wanted to buy it just because I couldn't bear the thought of it being there.

  2. It always surprises me to go through the frames section at any thrift store and see someone's wedding or school years photos still in the frame. The quilt or the badge collection, that's even more shocking. Sad. I'm glad you posted about it, I always wondered if other people felt the same way.


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