Monday, August 1, 2011

$10 vs. $.10 planters

Early this summer I found a ceramic piece that I just had to have.  At $10 I didn’t think the price was too bad for the size and uniqueness of the piece.


A couple weeks ago I found a bag of Cactus potting soil for only $1 so I quickly picked it up.


I knew I had a few hen and chicks that needed to be replanted as the wood planter I had them in had seen its better days.  I think I paid $7 or $8 for a much smaller bag when I originally planted the hens and chicks I got last summer so the $1 bag was a great find.


I gathered my supplies and filled my ceramic piece with plants I already had and two pots I recently bought for a few dollars.


I don’t have a big variety of succulents but I like how the planter turned out with what I had on hand.


It is probably not as full as suggested for succulents but I’m hoping they will grow fast and sprout a few new chicks to fill up the pot.


The pot fit in my large birdcage so until frost it will be on my patio then inside for the winter.

Then I remembered this $.10 piece that I bought a few weeks ago so I planted it too.


I had just enough soil left to fill this planter too.


I have to laugh looking at this four ‘hens’. 

The two on the left are green ones I got last year.  The one in the middle is a purple one I got last year (notice it is the ‘greenest’ one of the group) and the one on the far right is a replacement purple one I got this spring.  


This large one was about the size of the other hens when I got it this spring.  I guess this year was the perfect year for hen and chicks in our area.  My newest ones and ones that I gave my Mom have grown large this year.


I also had lots of chicks again this year from most of my hens.


100_7771 100_7773  

  I like both of my planters and can’t wait for family and friends to come over and see my 10 cent and 10 dollar planter.

What is your most inexpensive, expensive or most loved planter?


(Oh and if you are my sister with lots of different types of succulents I have room left in each planter for a few small cuttings…. ;) )

Do I have the best sister or what??? Only a day after my subtle hint and I have new plants to add to my planters!

Thanks Joanie!!

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  1. Love your planters and the Hens & Chicks! I need to get some for my planters!


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