Thursday, April 14, 2011

Water update and $3 Thursday

I woke up this morning to find the towels I set out last night fairly wet.  So, apparently the one water line they shut off was not the culprit for the soggy carpet.

A couple visitors and a couple hours later the leak was fixed.  It was the hot water heat vent but it wasn’t froze, it was seal or coupler leak or something like that.  I really didn’t pay too much attention to what they said it was.  As long as it was an easy fix I was happy.

In this corner, the culprit:


See way back there in the corner, that is where the leak is coming from.  A fairly slow drip but none the less not easy to get to.

I guess I need to move this, the bookshelf:


5 shelves high with items stacked on top.  So I needed to empty it out so I could move the shelf so there was room to fix the leak.

No craft supplies were hurt in the water event of 2011, not unlike the water event of 2008.  I should however have a newly organized corner bookshelf.  For now there are items all around my apartment.  I’m hoping the carpet dries quickly so I can put the bookshelf back and get with the organizing.

I guess the newly organized bookshelf could be a no cost craft but I did find some time to do a quick makeover on a lamp.


Before, light green torch lamp, probably 10 years old or more.  I didn’t think to take a picture until after I had some painters tape on so no, that wasn’t a permanent part of the lamp. ;)


The supplies:


Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Need I say more??

After, oil rubbed bronze torch lamp that doesn’t look like it was from my college years.  Well, at least to me it doesn’t. :)



I did a couple light, quick coats as it was fairly windy but I wanted to get it done and back inside so I could put it back in the corner.  (I did need to clean out two corners so the water could be shut off but they were quick moves.)


Much nicer, black looks so much better than the green.  Why did I wait so long?  Oh, I know, I got the ORB in the middle of the winter.

100_7107 Look beyond the grainy looking picture and see that the lamp is not green.  Ahh, see it?  Yep.  One newish looking lamp.


1.  Torch lamp in need of makeover.

2.  Oil Rubbed Bronze paint.

3.  Water leak that makes you move items in front of the lamp and the lamp itself.  You might want to skip this part…..

4.  Painters tape if you want to keep part of lamp unpainted.


Total cost…… $0 as I had won the paint and had the rest.



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  1. glad it was an easy fix on the plumbing! :)
    gotta love an easy makeover and orb!


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