Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday cards

I always seem to need a few more birthday cards so I dug deep into my stash and made a few cards with some stamps that haven’t been used for a while.

I did some more coloring with chalk pencils on these pigs.


The inside of the above card has the ‘Someone squealed, it’s your birthday’ stamp.  I bought that stamp to go with this pig set.  I just couldn’t resist it when I saw it.


I wanted to make a few more kid friendly cards and recently thought of using some game cards on them.



A small vellum envelope holds the cards perfectly.


I included a variety of game and activity cards.


The cards are from these pocket games.


I know I’ve had them for many years.  I remember buying them with the thought of taking them with on car trips with my daughter.  I guess that never happened.  The store that I bought them at has been gone for many years too.

I was about to donate them when I thought that they would make a funny addition to  an adults get well card.  I think I might still make a get well card with them but I loved the child’s birthday card idea too.

So if you see some game cards think outside the box they came in and make a card or two and share the fun….. :) 


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