Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Water…. oh no, not again

A couple years ago I came home one day after work to a garbage bin outside my apartment door with some sheetrock in it and a note for me to check in with the caretaker. I checked the laundry room and everything looked ok. 

Then, I opened my door and everything was not ok. 

There was a huge hole in the ceiling, wet and ripped up carpet and wet sheetrock covering my sofa and some of my craft supplies.

It took a long time to get it cleaned up and one thing I don’t ever want to go through again.  It ended up that the hot water pipes upstairs had froze and busted.  Not one of the finer points of hot water heat.  While they had inches of water, gravity brought a huge portion of it down into my apartment.

On to today….


It’s hard to see but if you look close you might see lots of wet footprints in this towel.


If only it was the only wet towel.  It’s been at least half a dozen, some in different states of drying.  At first I thought someone (read daughter) spilled a glass of water and didn’t want to tell me.  Not the case.


I don’t really think it is the hot water heater as I think there would be more water.  Not that I want more water!  We are hoping it is the outside faucet that is leaking and that water has been shut off.  I guess we will see in the morning.  It seems to be a slow leak and with the faucet pipe shut off for hours I’m not too sure that is it.

I really hope it isn’t a crack in the foundation but who knows.  The ground outside seems dry so I’m not sure how likely that is but I just don’t know.

I sure hope I don’t wake up to completely wet carpet in the morning.  I’m not sure that I’ll be so forgiving this time.

A somewhat ironic thing is that this spring when I was trying to get my photos organized I came across the photos of the water damage and threw them away.  Hopefully I won’t have to take pictures of that type of damage again.

There is lots of talk of spring flooding here in Minnesota, I just didn’t think it would be in my apartment!

Keep your fingers crossed.


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