Sunday, January 9, 2011

Valentine oops

I was going to show you a couple Valentine Wordles that I made and printed.

I debated not showing them because after I took pictures I noticed a spelling error.

Yep, not until after I printed, framed, displayed for a few days and took pictures did I notice the misspelling.

Big oops.

Oh well, here they are, misspelling and all.

The first one is printed on ivory confetti paper and displayed in one of my latest frame finds.


Yep, I just crammed it in my hallway cupboard that still has Christmas decorations in it.


The second one is printed on white and in a white distressed frame I have.


I made a few rolled flowers from crepe paper and attached them to the corner of the frame to give it a little more color.


In order to make the wordle appear a bit more centered in the frame I added an XO boarder sticker across the bottom.


Here it is in all it’s misspelled glory.


Did you ever make and display a misspelling??

Please, someone say yes.



If I wasn’t so embarrassed I would share with some of these fabulous parties:


  1. I love your sign, even with the misspelling! We all make mistake's...reminds us that we're not perfect!!

  2. least is was in white font! See...hardly noticeable!

  3. This is so cute!!! Thanks for visiting my blog as well!!!


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