Thursday, January 20, 2011

$3 Thursday -PB Inspired Book Bundle - Stamped with Love

I love the stacked book bundle that PB is selling but seriously $39 for 4 "authentic vintage books"??   Who are they kidding?
Four books and a piece of twine for $39?
You can check ‘theirs’ out here.
And mine below.
I only used three books but I like them a lot better than the $39 version. :)
I started with a few old encyclopedias, tore the covers off and decorated them.

A few crepe paper rolled flower, some stamps and a ribbon.
I stamped on the binding as well as the top book.
I tried the make the rolled crepe paper flowers are thick as I could.  These are almost an inch high.
I think the love book bundle looks perfect on my Valentine display.
Anyone willing to pay me $39 for a stack of ‘Hand Stamped and Decorated Authentic Vintage Book Bundle’?
Heck, I’ll even throw in free shipping.
Anyone, anyone?  Ask nice and I might even give you a discount….

Total cost:  $0
I had all the supplies on hand, most for years except the crepe paper that I purchased after Christmas for pennies a roll.  I used only a fraction of the roll, probably not even a cents worth.
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  1. Love the Valentine touches you have added - super cute! Hope you are enjoying your weekend ~ Stephanie Lynn

  2. Love the book stack and your whole Valentine display! :)

  3. This post is bursting with inspiration! Thanks for sharing such fun ideas. Please consider linking up to my blog bash K.I.S.S.=Keep It Simple Sunday, it's open til Tuesday evening. Thrilled to be new follower also.

  4. very pretty, and oh so cute! I can't believe they're asking so much for "found" books!


  5. very nice, I think I may "steal" this idea from you. Yours looks so much better than PB's.


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