Saturday, January 15, 2011

My new purse

Don’t you just love gathering ideas?

It’s even better when you finally act upon them and they turn out better than expected.

A while ago I saw this notebook purse and stored the idea in my mobile idea box(my mind, sometime never to be retrieved and acted upon).

It turns out it was inspired by the notebook purse this post.

I have lots of composition notebooks and finally found a use for a single purse handle I bought and have been hoarding securely storing for the past couple years.

What do you think of my new purse?



  Can you believe it started out as one of these??


Yep, an ordinary composition notebook.

The kind you can get for about 50 cents at back to school time.  I think I paid 12 cents for it on clearance last year after school started. 

I covered it with paper.

Front cover


Back cover


Inside front cover


I just love the little line of detail on this paper.


Inside back cover I used four strips of paper.

I love how I got the pattern to match up.


No side is the same.  I love that about it.

The paper is Love Letter from Stampin’ UP!

I knew I wanted it when I saw it.

Isn’t it pretty?

I love the red, cream and black all together.

I think I’ll be making Valentine cards soon.


I wasn’t sure what to put in the little label holder, maybe ‘notes’ or the name of the person this is going to?


A single handle was perfect.

Hello handle, so glad we met.


I attached ribbon to the back of the purse, ran it through a ribbon charm and used a Velcro tab to close the purse.




The inside has three dividers.


All ready for a night on the town.


A few days ago one of my sisters asked me if I got a new purse when we were having lunch.  I guess now I can say, yes I have a new purse.  Well I could if I didn’t plan on giving this one away.

Maybe I should make another one for me?

I’ve got another notebook in my hoard, oh I mean my creative supply.

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  1. OMGosh, can I just say cute, cute, cute Ü

  2. Very cute!! Thank you for the link back.


  3. That is too flippin' cute!!! :)

  4. Cool idea! Love the papers you choose, and the beaded handle is adorable.

  5. OMGosh!! Super cute idea!! I need to put this one in my file of ideas!!

  6. What a cute idea! I love it!

  7. That is really cute. It would be a great persent.
    Thanks for share

  8. Love it, great idea. I hoarded a bunch of those composition books a few years ago after back to school sales. Hmmm, maybe I should look for them.


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