Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring nest and glittered birds

Here’s a nest that is sure to stay occupied all summer long with glittered birds and butterflies. 

100_9575     They started with a few dollar store finds.


These butterflies were cute but came to life with a coat of glitter spray.


The same thing with these birds, a coat of Glitter Blast brought out their inner beauty.


They needed a new home and the wicker bird cage I found last year was just the place after a coat of yellow spray paint to bring it back to life after a winter outside.


I made the nest with some vines and plant materials.

100_9573   It is not the usual nest you would find in a bird cage but I like it.


Now all summer long I’m guaranteed to have birds just outside on my patio.


With a couple of dollar store finds and some spray paint I’ve got a bright colorful display for my patio.



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