Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A happy accident

It all started with scalloped potatoes.  I know this is probably the first and only time you will hear that sentence.


Ok those are not scalloped potatoes but they are the reason I now have a new favorite cookie – Lemon White Chip Cookies recipe I found at The Sweet Spot. Oh my lemony goodness, I think I love this cookie.


I think these might even be a cookie that will remain soft.  Then again, I don’t think they will be around long enough to get hard.

Ok, but back to the scalloped potatoes, I made this this morning and put them in a crock pot so they would be ready when I got home from work.  When I got home from work I realized that I left out the butter so I decided to use the softened butter to make some cookies.  I decided I should try the lemon cookies I had just seen at The Sweet Spot.


Definitely a recipe I’ll be making again.  I had to make an adjustment because I only had a few mini white chocolate chips so I mixed mini chips and some large white chocolate candy melts that I chopped into smaller pieces.


I still had some softened butter so I decided to make some chocolate mint cookies with the bag of Nestle Dark Chocolate & Mint chips.  Oh, my I must remember to buy more of those chips if they are out at Christmas time again this year.


Light, lemony goodness or dark, chocolate minty goodness?


Good think I don’t have to decide, I'll have a few of both thank you very much.

And to think it all started with scalloped potatoes.



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