Friday, October 1, 2010

My haunted house

For the last couple years I’ve been wanted one of the large haunted houses that hold votive candles that I’ve seen at places like Yankee Candle Co. and TJ Maxx.  

Last year Yankee even had a rather flat version of it that wouldn’t take up too much space so I actually bought it only to have it recalled a few weeks later and I had to return it.   Boo hoo.   Here is Yankee Candles version for this year.  It isn’t just a house…. it’s a mansion.  Sorry but $39.99 is more than I’m willing to pay. 

Haunted house

Enter Better Homes and Gardens Halloween book.  I’ve had it a few years and always get it out to take a look at this time of the year. 


I have always liked the house silhouette they show made from the cling you can put on car windows to darken them.

Their version and my inspiration:


My version:


I’m very happy with my results.   I looked at the picture and free hand cut everything.   I used scissors and a blade to cut it out.  My daughter was even impressed that I cut it out myself and didn’t have a die or pattern.  And that is saying a lot…. she doesn’t usually comment on any of the crafts I do….. 13 year olds….


I do have some bubbles in it but since I didn’t follow the instructions all the way I’m very happy with the results.

I bought a 2’ x 6’ piece for $9.95.  Not bad but then, they wanted to sell me an installation kit for another $9.95, oh and, a $4.99 bottle of cleaner to clean up the glass for when I took the cling off.   What?? I just about put it back but then a nice guy at the store said I should be able to use a bit of windex on the window to ‘activate’ the adhesive.  Ok, I knew I’d try that.  Funny thing was when you read the instructions it said not to clean the windows with a cleaner right before you put the stuff on.  

Oh, well I thought I’d try it anyway.  Well, sort of.

The dark part was on a clear liner.   Each side was very slick so I thought I would try putting it up without taking the lining off as I was worried about it ripping with all the holes in it.  Well, it stuck.  At least so far.   I’ve only had it up for a day and a half but hey, I’m happy with the results so far.
I may have to smooth it down every now and then and that isn’t too bad.   If I have to smooth it too often I think I’ll try to take the lining off.
Hopefully I’ll never need the ‘cleaner’ they recommended to take off the adhesive ‘activator’.





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